We are pleased to announce the release of version of Diamond, which introduces new features in both Bench mode and Boot mode for programming engine ECUs. With the new vers

New Diamond features for Mercedes Delphi CPC2 and Continental Simos 19.7 ECUs   Diamond has launched version, offering a comprehensive update to work on a wide range of M

Diamond Bench Solution for MD1CP007 and DC4 Gen2 Diamond version is ready A new protocol for Land Rover brand vehicles and second generation Getrag DC4 automatic transmiss

Exclusive solution for Land Rover and Jaguar 9HP50, Continental Simos19.3 and Porsche Bosch MG1CP007 Program the latest generation 9-speed ZF gearbox control unit for Land Rover an

Diamond has installed the software version for the programming of the central engine Marelli 9DF (hardware version HW002 ) in OBD and OBD on Bench modes , consenting to th

OBD solution for Renault and Alpine Diamond version is available The OBD protocol for programming Hitachi BED 501 / BED 434 engine control units is now ready. A new Diamon

Latest ECU Programming News with Diamond: Bosch, Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Mazda and Subaru The Diamond development team is pleased to announce a series of significant updates aimed

OBD Unlocking Solution for VAG ECUs with Diamond We are pleased to present the most recent evolution in the field of OBD unlocking for VAG group engine control units : the revoluti

Focus on Mechatronics and CRC Calculations Diamond software : version . This release represents a leap forward in the mechatronics of automatic transmissions ( TCU ) and i

Innovations and Extensions in ECU Programming Solutions Diamond, an advanced solution for programming vehicle ECUs, introduces version, offering a series of updates and so