OBD Unlocking Solution for VAG ECUs with Diamond We are pleased to present the most recent evolution in the field of OBD unlocking for VAG group engine control units : the revoluti

Focus on Mechatronics and CRC Calculations Diamond software : version . This release represents a leap forward in the mechatronics of automatic transmissions ( TCU ) and i

Innovations and Extensions in ECU Programming Solutions Diamond, an advanced solution for programming vehicle ECUs, introduces version, offering a series of updates and so

With the new Diamond update, the new protocol for bench programming of the latest generation Bosch MD1CS016 engine control units is now available. The Bench mode for Renault, Dacia

The list of vehicles supported by Diamond expands with the addition of the new Milds Hybrid 2020 from the FCA group , which are now supported in OBD Full. The latest generation Mar

Bench solution for reprogramming Bosch MEVD17.2.G and ME17.3.0/EDC17C69 engine ECUs DimTronic has developed the Bench solution for reprogramming Bosch MEVD17.2.G, ME17.3.0 and EDC1

With Diamond update, mechatronics engineers will be able to use OBD mode to recalibrate the map zone of VAG group sports cars equipped with the new Continental Simos19.6 e

New solutions for Transtron engine ECUs New protocol for OBD & Bench programming of Transtron ECUs installed on ISUZU vehicles released. Diamond v2.27.0 is ready for safe progr

(BENCH) VOLVO TRW EMS2.3 SPC5674F: Read/Write/Checksum Internal Flash, Read/Write External Eeprom, Full BackupRENAULT TRW EMS2.3 SPC5674F: Read/Write/Checksum Internal Flash, Read/

 New protocols added (BENCH)Toyota Denso R7F701202 – R7F701216: Internal Flash Read – Virtual Read / Write / Checksum Maps(OBD)Toyota Denso R7F701202 – R7F701216: Internal F