New Diamond features for Mercedes Delphi CPC2 and Continental Simos 19.7 ECUs


Diamond has launched version, offering a comprehensive update to work on a wide range of Mercedes and Audi vehicles equipped with Delphi CPC2 ECUs and Continental Simos 19.7 engine ECUs.

With Diamond, you can connect in Bootloader mode to the Powertrain control units of Mercedes equipped with Delphi CPC2 (TC1793 and TC1797 processors). This allows you full access to the Internal Flash and Internal EEPROM memories, giving you the ability to optimize the torque and speed limiters or modify the fluid flow in the intercooler to regulate the temperature of the intake air.

As regards the Continental Simos 19.7 engine control units of Audi cars, Diamond offers an OBD solution that allows you to perform virtual readings of the software version present in the control unit. This allows access to engine management parameters to improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Furthermore, it is possible to perform software updates directly from the ECU, selecting the desired version from those available in the database.


Below are some of the supported vehicles:


Mercedes :

  • A-Class W176 200d 2.1L 170PS
  • B-Class W246 180d 1.8L 109PS
  • C-Class W205 220d 2.1L 170PS
  • CLA Class C117 200d 2.1L 136PS
  • GLC X253 250 Blue Tec 2.0L 210PS
  • ML Class W166 400 Blue Efficiency 2.0L 334PS
  • S-Class W222 350 Blue Tec 3.0L 259PS


Audi :

  • A4 2.0L MHEV TFSI 204PS
  • A5 2.0L MHEV TFSI 265PS
  • A6 2.0L MHEV TFSI 204PS
  • A7 2.0L MHEV TFSI 265PS
  • Q3 2.0L MHEV TFSI 230PS
  • Q5 2.0L MHEV TFSI 204PS




New protocols added (OBD):


  • VAG Continental Simos19.7 Read/Virtualization/Write/Calculation Maps, Software Update

    Writing Time: ~ 2 minutes


New protocols added (BOOT):


  • Mercedes Delphi CPC2.x TC1793 Read/Write/Checksum Internal Flash, Read/Write Internal EEPROM, Full Backup


  • Mercedes Delphi CPC2.x TC1797 Read/Write/Checksum Internal Flash, Read/Write Internal EEPROM, Full Backup

    Read Time: ~ 1 minute
    Write Time: ~ 1 minute



CRC Correction:

DongFeng Delphi DCM7.1AP

Mazda Denso S8xx

Kia/Hyundai Kefico CPEG2.20.3

Renault Hitachi BED501

All Continental M3C

FCA Marelli MM10JA

Mercedes Continental AMC2.1

SPL Continental SID605 (Zoomlion)

VAG Continental Simos18.4

Ford Bosch MG1CS017, MG1CS018 e MG1CS019

SW improvements:

Added support for a new version of VAG Continental DL800