Exclusive solution for Land Rover and Jaguar 9HP50, Continental Simos19.3 and Porsche Bosch MG1CP007

Program the latest generation 9-speed ZF gearbox control unit for Land Rover and Jaguar, the Continental Simos19.3 engine control unit for the VAG group, and the Bosch MG1CP007 engine control unit for Porsche cars in Bench mode with Diamond .

An exclusive and free solution has been released that allows you not only to read and write the Maps area but also to access the EEPROM memory for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles. You will be able to optimize shift times or remove error codes from the 9HP50 TCU installed on Land Rover and Jaguar brand vehicles, such as Discovery, Evoque and E-Pace (produced from 2019 onwards).

Thanks to the quick connection in OBD mode, it will not be necessary to remove and open the ECU

to access the data contained in the map area of VAG group vehicles equipped with Simos19.3.

Furthermore, thanks to the connection to the diagnostic socket, you will no longer have to worry about removing the ECU from Porsche cars: just connect the Diamond OBD cable to download the virtual reading from our database and unlock the Bosch MG1CP007 engine control unit.

The Diamond solution allows you to work with all ECUs, regardless of the year of production: you will therefore be able to program Porsche engine control units manufactured after July 2020 in OBD mode (currently not supported in Bench).

Here are some of the supported vehicles:

  • Jaguar E-Pace X540 0L 200PS Hybrid
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport L550 0L 150PS Hybrid
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport L550 0L 200PS Hybrid
  • Land Rover Evoque L551 0L 180PS Hybrid
  • Land Rover Evoque L551 0L 300PS Hybrid
  • Audi Q3 0L TFSI 245PS
  • Audi TT 0L TFSI 245PS
  • Seat Ateca 0L TSI 300PS
  • Skoda Superb 0L TSI 280 PS
  • VW Golf 8 GTI 0L TSI R 333PS
  • VW T-Roc 0L TSI R 300 PS
  • Porsche 911 (992) 0L GTS 480PS
  • Porsche 911 (992) 8L Turbo S 650PS
  • Porsche 718 Boxster (982) 0L GTS 400PS
  • Porsche 718 Cayman (982C) 0L GTS 400PS

New protocols added: (BENCH)

  • JLR ZF 9HP50 TC275 Read/Write/Checksum Calculation Maps, Read/Write Internal EEPROM

Reading time: ~10 minutes

Writing time: ~2 minutes

New protocols added: (OBD)

  • VAG Continental 3 Virtual Reading/Writing/Checksum Calculation Maps

Writing time: ~2 minutes

  • Porsche Bosch MG1CP007 TC299 Virtual Reading/Writing/Checksum Calculation Maps & Codes

Writing time: ~2 minutes

Bug fixes

  • Added support for Porsche in Continental 3
  • Improved authentication on MG1CS011