Digital ADAS is the revolutionary tool that enables all workshops to service and calibrate ADAS systems, with ease, precision and high efficiency.

Equipped with Wi-Fi connection, for continuously updated systems and calibrations, the Digital ADAS system features a 65″ Full HD – 4K screen that ensures extreme precision in all light conditions. The targetless technology – patented by MAHLE – is the real flagship of the system: thanks to the versatility of the digital panel, the screen can be adapted to any vehicle manufacturer’s reference protocol.

Digital ADAS is also easy to use: it only takes one person to complete all operations and the system guides the operator step by step in performing the calibration.


Compared to traditional systems                      

Why it is an advantage to use it in the workshop


Targetless technology, patented by MAHLE, is the real core of the system. Thanks to the versatility of its digital panel, the screen can be adapted to any car manufacturer's reference protocol, present and future.


So simple to use that no time is lost in learning or using: the system guides the user step by step through the calibration process.


The adaptive system guarantees extreme precision. The software is able to assess

physical and environmental conditions (pavement, distance from the vehicle) and to adapt the digital target image accordingly.


For Dimtronic, ensuring maximum market coverage is a serious matter.

The database that feeds the operation of DIGITAL DIM ADAS follows the ongoing development of CONNEX self-diagnostics.

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