Focus on Mechatronics and CRC Calculations

Diamond software : version . This release represents a leap forward in the mechatronics of automatic transmissions ( TCU ) and in checksum calculations ( CRC ). By focusing on these crucial areas, Diamond offers automotive electronics enthusiasts and experts a powerful and specialized tool.

Mechatronics of Automatic Transmissions: VAG Bosch – Temic

The priority attention of this update is dedicated to the mechatronics of automatic transmissions, with particular reference to the VAG Bosch DQ381 G2 and Temic DQ200 G2.1 systems . Now you can explore and optimize virtual maps with incredibly fast write times, estimated at less than 30 seconds . This acceleration in processes allows for more precise and rapid tuning , ensuring optimal performance of the automatic transmission.

Specialization in CRC Calculations: Extensive Additional Support

checksum calculations (CRC). Identification errors have been corrected for the Saab Bosch EDC17CP21 Bench and Porsche Continental SDI21.3 systems . But the real news is the addition of new CRCs types for a wide range of brands, including Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Subaru, GM, Mazda, Ford, PSA, Nissan, Abarth, Volvo, FCA, VAG, Kia /Hyundai and Mercedes . This expansion means greater compatibility with a variety of vehicles, giving users more complete control over their automotive electronics.


Below is a summary of what’s new:

● VAG Bosch DQ381 G2- Virtual Read/Write/ Checksum Calculation

Maps writing time : ~ 30 seconds

  • VAG Temic DQ200 G2.1 – Virtual Read/Write/ Checksum Calculation

Maps writing time : ~ 30 seconds



  • BMW ZF 8HP Gen3 Read/Write/Checksum Calculation Maps , Read/Write Internal EEPROM

Reading time : ~ 10 minutes

Writing time : ~ 1 minute and 30 seconds



  • Fixed identification issues for Saab Bosch EDC17CP21 Bench
  • Fixed identification issues for Porsche Continental SDI21.3
  • Added support for the new Suzuki Denso SH7055
  • Added new CRC for Mitsubishi Bosch DCU17PC42
  • Added new CRC for Subaru MPC
  • Added new CRC for GM Delco E98
  • Added new CRC for Mazda Denso Pxxx and SHxx
  • Added new CRC for Ford SID206
  • Added new CRC for PSA SID806
  • Added new CRC for Nissan DCU17HD01
  • Added new CRC for Abarth Bosch ME17.3.0
  • Added new CRC for Volvo Bosch EDC7C1
  • Added new CRC for FCA Marelli MM10JA
  • Added new CRC for VAG Siemens Simos7.1A
  • Added new CRC for Kia /Hyundai Kefico CPEGD2.20.3
  • Added new CRC for Mercedes Siemens SIM266
  • Added new CRC for Ford MPS6
  • Added new CRC for VAG Continental Simos18.1
  • Added new CRC for VAG Continental Simos8.6
  • Added new CRC for Suzuki Denso SH7055