ADAS systems represent a great business opportunity for all car repairers who, by adopting new tools for their management and calibration, can increase the performance and turnover of their workshop.

Becoming a specialised ADAS centre means being able to offer services that are already essential for motorists with contemporary cars and will also be indispensable for all others who will have to adapt their cars to the new standards of 2022. The Dimtronic method reduces investment risks to zero, generating earnings for the workshop with each use.


Thanks to Service Mode, quick and decisive action can be taken via the electronics. In fact, solving electronic problems or switching off warning lights no longer requires opening – and in many cases, not even disassembling – the ECU.

ADAS sensors are subject to decimal inclinations due to the car’s normal operation. Even in the absence of accidents, they must be periodically checked and calibrated.

Electric vehicle charging and maintenance service.

Aftermarket installation of connection and ADAS systems.


Compared to traditional systems                      

Why become an ADAS Centre with Dimtronic Consulting


Cars are made up of 90% electronic components and most of the problems that arise are electronic in nature.

Compulsory Adas

As of 2022, Adas systems are compulsory and are already present on 80 per cent of the car fleet. A refit is planned by 2024. It is the system that guides the user step by step in performing the calibration.

Connected cars

By 2024, 70 per cent of cars will be connected.


Hybrid and electric. The new types of cars are constantly expanding.

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